Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun With Science

Today's Bizarro takes us to the halls of academia for a lecture on particle physics.
The general layout of my sketch made it to Dan Piraro's finished art, with, as usual, several improvements. Most obviously, Dan deleted the unnecessary audience members. This results in a less cluttered image, and draws the reader into the scene as a participant rather than an observer. You're looking at the stage (as opposed to looking at the audience looking at the stage). 

Also, it made the cartoon easier to draw without those extra heads.
Readers may have noticed a fair number feline-themed gags coming from me lately. My wife and I have always had cats as pets, and naturally their behavior is in my consciousness. Over the past few months a small renovation project in our house has displaced them, and they've been sharing my studio space. Perhaps they've been whispering suggestions, or else I've been affected by their experiments with particle physics.

If you've got some time to kill, feel free to browse through my previous collaborations with young Master Bizarro.


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