Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Quality Control (1987)

Michael Dowers of Brownfield press, an old comix colleague, invited me to have some of my old self-published minicomix reprinted in his upcoming anthology Newave.

Michael's request prompted me to take a look at the two dozen (give or take a few) minis I published back in the all-analog days, and this issue of Mondo Howie caught my eye. There were 6 issues of this title. For each issue, I did the cover and guest artists provided their interpretations of my character Howie "The Hat" Patterson.

Most of my minis were offset printed at a local shop, and they ran a weekly special for a free color of ink. This week in October 1987, the free color was orange. Just in time for Halloween, I suppose. I can't remember if I decided to reject this edition because of the way the orange ink turned out, or if I hated my cover, but I destroyed half of the print run, and gave away the rejected edition for free.

Today, I kind of like the way it looks. And I remember being pleased to have a chance to use my primitive rubber stamp typesetting kit (long gone).

The cover of the subsequent "official" edition is shown below.

Artists appearing in this issue were: Steve Willis, J. L. Hart, Mark Martin, Dennis Worden, Scott Nickel, Peter Bagge and Andy Nukes.

Newave is scheduled to be published in 2009 by Fantagraphics Books.


Ricko said...

Mondo Howie -- still one of my all-time favorite minis! I like that orange cover too..

Wayno said...

Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. Twenty-plus years later I prefer the original cover.

HemlockMan said...

Looks like a decent line up. I've always liked Dennis Worden's comics. Of course I haven't seen much out of him since the days of STICKBOY.